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75% of my proceeds from prints, digital downloads, and stickers of this piece will be donated to Medical Aid for Palestinians (@medicalaidpal) an organization providing life-saving care on the ground.


A huge reason I create art is to show life through an optimistic lens, but it’s hard to feel that way with the devastation happening in Gaza currently. Hopefully this can help even just a little bit.


Why watermelons?

In the past, Israel prohibited the display of the Palestinian flag. In response, protestors took to cutting open watermelons to reveal the colors of their flag. Since then, the watermelon has become a symbol of Palestinian resistance.


❤️🤍💚🖤 #freepalestine


Want to use my art as a background on your computer or phone? Want to make your own print of my art at home, rather than ordering a print from my shop? A digital download is perfect for you! After purchase you will be able to download a high quality image of my artwork for personal use.
**For personal use only. I maintain the rights to my artwork. You may not sell or distribute my artwork as your own.**

Find me on TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram: @alexhagertyarts

Donations for Gaza Digital Download

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