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Alex Hagerty

lover of all things colorful

Alex Hagerty is a multi-disciplinary artist based in sunny Walnut Creek, California. Alex graduated from Santa Clara University with a BS in Psychology and a minor in Studio Art in June 2020. Since then, she has been working as a professional artist, content creator, and Teaching Artist at the Walnut Creek Center for Community Arts. Her goal as an artist is to help others see the color and beauty in the world through her oil paintings, gouache paintings, and digital illustrations. Outside of art, Alex loves to practice yoga, visit the beach, thrift shop, and watch a healthy mix of true-crime documentaries and reality TV. She lives with her partner Nick and their two dogs, Ellie and Rex.

A portrait photograph of Alex Hagerty smiling on a colorful striped background.

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Creating from her heart.

Alex Hagerty is a an oil painter, gouache painter, and digital illustrator. Color is undoubtedly the most influential piece in her work, which explores the beauty of nature, the tender moments of life, and the relationship between humans and our world. 

Connecting with creatives across the globe.

With an audience of over 40k on TikTok and 2,500 on Instagram, Alex (@alexhagertyarts) creates content sharing tips and advice for artists, relatable videos about the struggles of being a creative, and works in progress of her own art. She has collaborated with brands such as Online Labels Sticker Paper, ArtBeek Markers, Discovering DIY, and more.

Email for collab inquiries.

Sharing her art knowledge with kids and adults alike.

When she's not painting in her home studio or filming videos for the internet, you can find Alex Hagerty in the classroom! She has been a Teaching Artist at the Walnut Creek Center for Community Arts since June 2020.  Teaching children 4 years old to adults 85 years old, from  special education programs to classes for the homeless population, Alex finds a way to connect with just about anyone. Her main subjects are drawing, painting, and mixed media, where she uses a fun, process-based, and empathetic approach to education. Find more about her classes here.

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